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Jason Radolec
Jason Radolec
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I've had a lot of work done for mulch and seasonal bed cleaning this year. I have 24 trees with beds that line my driveway and I also have very large beds that surround the house, and a few more outside flower bed areas as well. All of them were cleaned out down to the base soil, with new mulch added. They looked fantastic and they did a great job with them. I also had them remove several bushes and trees in my bed areas. They did a great job with this as well. Reasonable pricing as well to this with stump removals. I'm also on a weekly mowing plan where they maintain the grass for about 2.5 acres. Generally the yard looks kept and well maintained. I've enjoyed working with them and they are easy to work with as well. I'm very pleased with the service and quality.
Alejandro Otero
Alejandro Otero
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Emerald Landscaping took care of the plant beds on the front and side of our townhouse. The previous owner had left shrubs that were not well cared for, but the gentlemen who came out to help us sorted everything out! The front of our house looks so much tidier and we've gotten some compliments from our neighbors. Highly recommend working with Emerald!
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin
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Emerald Landscaping was helpful in working with me and offering suggestions regarding the flora needed and the overall design. Wonderful job and I'm quite pleased with the outcome!

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Why We Are The Best

In addition to serving residential and commercial customers in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia, Emerald Landscaping Corporation is also locally owned and operated. We at Emerald provide landscaping services of the highest quality. With our unparalleled experience in the field, we can provide you with the best results. We are your full-service landscaper, with expertise in hardscaping, landscaping, construction, design, grounds maintenance and snow removal.  

Emerald Landscape Offers Lawn Care Services That Your Home Deserves In Rockville, MD

Your lawn can say a lot about your property and can significantly impact its value. A well-kept lawn not only looks good but can also help increase the value of your home.

If maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn is a challenge, Emerald Landscape in Rockville, MD provides dependable lawn care solutions to assist you in managing your lawn and yard!

We offer residential lawn care and lawn maintenance services ranging from lawn mowing to fertilization. You can spend all your time working on your lawn and still not have the lawn of your dreams, or you can have Emerald Landscape do the work for you and have a fantastic lawn.

We provide customized lawn care services in Montgomery County to enhance the appearance of your yard. All you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy your beautiful lawn.

Our lawn care business can help your yard become greener and healthier, whether it’s fine or tall fescue, ryegrass, Bermuda grass, or something else. Our team keeps your property in pristine condition with weekly or bi-weekly lawn care services, whether you need your lawn mowed or complete weeding and cleanup.

Natural Stone Steps And Retaining Wall In The Garden.
Importance Of Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep a lawn in good condition, but it is worth it. After all, well-kept lawns add value to the neighborhood and reveal a lot about the people who live there. 


Here are some more reasons why proper lawn care is so critical:

  1. Increases curb appeal.
  2. Aids in controlling pests and weeds.
  3. Makes outdoor living space safe & comfortable for you, your family, & your pets.
  4. Enhances the appearance of the neighborhood.
  5. Acts as a natural air filtration system!


Not every homeowner has the energy or time to maintain their lawn properly. When your lawn is neglected, it affects the entire landscape. If your lawn is out of control, the lawn care business team at Emerald Landscape in Rockville, MD, specializes in lawn maintenance. Our lawn care services help you keep your home looking nice all year.

House With Trees and Bushes

Common Lawn Diseases

Dried-out mower blades, a faulty irrigation system, and poor drainage can all harm your lawn. Our lawn care services can prevent lawn diseases from ruining your yard’s appearance. We use high-quality, safe, dependable, regularly maintained equipment, so you won’t have to worry about dull mower blades damaging your lawn.

Our lawn care business experts in Montgomery County can repair a faulty irrigation system and resolve drainage issues to ensure that your lawn receives the proper water supply.

Here are some common lawn diseases that we can assist in treating:

  • A brown spot
  • Dollar fluctuation
  • Snow mold in pink
  • A red thread

Do you require a lawn mowing service in Montgomery County? You can keep these common lawn diseases at bay by regularly hiring a lawn maintenance service. With our lawn mowing service, you can always expect excellent results.

Every week, we will mow your lawn in a different direction. Our lawn care business will also weed-whack in areas where mowers cannot reach.

Hire Emerald Landscape In Rockville, MD To Maintain Your Lawn Without Any Hassle!

Whether you want the most beautiful landscape in the neighborhood or a safe yard for your children and pets to play in, our lawn maintenance services can help. We prioritize our customers and treat their lawns as our own because we live in the communities we serve.

Emerald Landscape in Rockville, MD takes pride in and enjoys what we do as one of the top lawn care service companies. We are passionate about what we shown in our high-quality lawn care services. Call us at 301-253-3239 or schedule an appointment online today to learn more or to get started!

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