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Jason Radolec
Jason Radolec
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I've had a lot of work done for mulch and seasonal bed cleaning this year. I have 24 trees with beds that line my driveway and I also have very large beds that surround the house, and a few more outside flower bed areas as well. All of them were cleaned out down to the base soil, with new mulch added. They looked fantastic and they did a great job with them. I also had them remove several bushes and trees in my bed areas. They did a great job with this as well. Reasonable pricing as well to this with stump removals. I'm also on a weekly mowing plan where they maintain the grass for about 2.5 acres. Generally the yard looks kept and well maintained. I've enjoyed working with them and they are easy to work with as well. I'm very pleased with the service and quality.
Alejandro Otero
Alejandro Otero
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Emerald Landscaping took care of the plant beds on the front and side of our townhouse. The previous owner had left shrubs that were not well cared for, but the gentlemen who came out to help us sorted everything out! The front of our house looks so much tidier and we've gotten some compliments from our neighbors. Highly recommend working with Emerald!
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin
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Emerald Landscaping was helpful in working with me and offering suggestions regarding the flora needed and the overall design. Wonderful job and I'm quite pleased with the outcome!

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Why We Are The Best

In addition to serving residential and commercial customers in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia, Emerald Landscaping Corporation is also locally owned and operated. We at Emerald provide landscaping services of the highest quality. With our unparalleled experience in the field, we can provide you with the best results. We are your full-service landscaper, with expertise in hardscaping, landscaping, construction, design, grounds maintenance and snow removal.  

Landscaping Columbia County, DC 20024

Upgrade Your Property With Spectacular Landscaping Services From Emerald Landscape In Columbia County, DC

Undoubtedly taking care of the lawn can be a challenging task. It’s great to have a visually appealing yard, but it’s also important to remember that landscaping has practical benefits. It can significantly impact the market value of your home and the neighborhood in which you live.

It can take a whole day to finish, depending on how much you have to accomplish. This is true whether you are beginning from scratch with a landscape project like a flower path or reworking an existing landscaping feature like a flower bed. A skilled landscaper’s knowledge is invaluable in such a situation.

Emerald Landscape in Columbia County, DC, offers professional landscaping services near me making it easy for homeowners to achieve and sustain a gorgeous lawn. We can handle any of your personal or commercial landscaping needs.

Our landscaping company offers professional landscaping services near me so you can have the outdoor space of your dreams. If you want to make your surroundings green in District of Columbia County, hire us to construct the outdoor living space you imagine.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy With Our Landscaping Services In Columbia County, DC

1) Landscape Design

Do you want to improve your habitat and attract birds, butterflies, and pollinators? Emerald Landscape a lawn care company near me is always there for your help!

An aesthetic landscape design begins with a great design. Emerald Landscape provides hand-drawn designs. When designing a yard that our customers will love for years in Columbia County, DC, we value listening to their ideas, aspirations, and themes.

2) Landscape Installation

Do you already have a landscape design and want a great installation team? Or do you want to move further with one of our designs?

We have a competent team of landscapers dedicated to a wide range of installations, including big hardscaping projects like custom paver patios, driveways, walks, natural and block retaining walls, imaginative flagstone paths, and patios well as pergolas.

If you’re seeking ideal trees or plants to soften the appearance of your yard in that troublesome area. Emerald Landscape in District of Columbia County has you covered!

3) Landscape Maintenance

Even though we do not provide grass maintenance, we excel in landscape and lawn care service near me, and many of our customers hire us annually or biannually.

Does an overgrown tangle in your yard stresses you? Are blackberries, ivy, and other unwanted plants taking over? Are your shrubs and trees getting out of hand and growing together? Do you need assistance with a spring or fall yard cleanup? Don’t worry Emerald Landscape can assist you with these lawn issues!

4) Tree Pruning

Most trees, shrubs, and plants will not survive or look their best without trimming. We take pleasure in combining the science and art of pruning to protect your investment in your yard and keep your trees looking fabulous in District of Columbia County!

Our landscapers use the best pruning techniques. Most plants and shrubs must be trimmed by hand using hand pruners. Many other companies use their hedge trimmer for pruning.

This is a harmful habit that harms your plants and results in their poor form. We do not work on large trees, but we are connected to a fantastic community of ISA-certified arborists and can make an excellent referral.

Emerald Landscape Can Help You With Your Landscaping Needs In Columbia County, DC

Professional landscapers from Emerald Landscape can transform your outdoor living space. We are your local landscaping service provider near me in Columbia County, DC. Our lawn care team has assisted hundreds of residential & commercial customers in Columbia County, DC.

Call our professional landscapers at Emerald Landscape if you need landscaping design and installation work. Our lawn care team near me is enthusiastic about what we do and strives to meet and exceed your landscaping expectations.

Let’s get started on your dream yard! Please contact us at 301-253-3239 today to book an appointment with us for landscaping service.

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